A volunteer group formed in 2004 and working with Nottingham City Council to improve and protect the woods



Dog’s Mercury is common in shady woodland. The green flowers are tiny and grow along spikes. The male and female flowers grow on separate plants. The dark green leaves are oval and slightly pointed.

As its name suggests, this plant is poisonous.



The bluebell is commonly found in deciduous woodland, especially in oak and beech woods. English bluebells are under threat from the Spanish bluebell (Hyacinthoides hispanica). A hybrid (a cross between the English and Spanish bluebell), has been cross-breeding with the native species and threatening its existence.It is now illegal to collect native bluebells from the wild for sale.



Ramsons is a bulbous perennial in the Alliaceae Family, common to damp woodlands and hedge banks. It is said that bears awakening from hibernation eat it to cleanse their metabolism and regain their strength leading to one of the common names, Bear’s Garlic, and the species name derived from the Latin for bear.



Red Campion has pink / red flowers, up to 2 cms diameter, which grow in pairs at the end of the stem. Each flower is made up of five forked petals. The leaves are oval and slightly hairy.

Red Campion is common in woodland and hedgerows.