Personal Memories

Charles Jarvis

(Jackie Wood interviewed Charles Jarvis of Rosedale Road, Bakersfield (97 years young!) on 17.8.09 to see what recollections he has of Colwick Woods.)

He moved to his house on Rosedale Road about 1950. He remembers the Ice House in the Woods on the right-hand side past the site of the keeper’s cottage. He remembers the cottage was semi-derelict and gardening equipment was kept in there. It was finally pulled down in about 1960 odd. He used to walk around the Woods for many years. He remembers a seat up near the reservoir which was built for the mothers who lost their babies. (There is a memorial wood to the right as you look up to the reservoir from Greenwood Road.) On the righthand side of the reservoir going up from the seat to the top footpath you could see Nottingham Castle from there. Also on the right-hand side of the reservoir there were allotments which he believes are still there. There was a football pitch just below the reservoir.

Greenwood School. He remembers Mr. (‘Mouch’ – as he had a moustache!) Bates who was the first headmaster there – he taught Mr. Jarvis when he attended Huntingdon Street School.

There was a footpath or roadway going down to Colwick Hall across the railway track and road. He said there were snowdrops at the front of Colwick Hall (which are still there today). He said Colwick Hall was something to do with Annesley.

He remembers a stream at the base of the Three Hills area (his granddaughter refers to this area as ‘Conker Valley’). He also recollects there was a pathway down on the right and one on the left which was fenced off.

You could see the outline of the Prisoner of War camp from Greenwood Road. There were still huts there when he first moved to Rosedale. There was a small pitch and putt site here for which they laid water on, not that it was ever used.

He was a member of the bowls club and was sorry to hear it had closed down. His name is on one of the boards still there in the pavilion.

He remembers when there was a heavy fall of snow they used to ski down Cresta Run and come back up on a rope.

A stream used to run down what is now Mays Avenue.

He said there was another pond. There used to be a footpath across from Oakdale Road to Carlton Road and there was a rugby pitch along there and on the right-hand side just before was a pond.

I mentioned there was a tramp who lived in a corrugated lean-to in the Woods just beyond Saville Spinney and he remembers him as a fearsome looking creature.