Personal Memories

Jean Caig

Colwick Wood Memories – Jean Caig – as told to Jackie Wood on 22 March 2011

Jean Caig (65 in August) has lived on Rosedale Road, Bakersfield, all her life.

She remembers playing on the woods, which they called ‘black woods’, when she was 6 or 7 years old. It was always windy up on the woods! They used to sledge down Mile Run.

Her brother (who is 9 years older than her) remembers, when he was a young boy, a group of italians walked past their house and threw what he thought were medals in their garden.

There were black nissan huts and her brother went out with a girl from the camp when he was 14. After the displaced people had all moved out gangs of children used to go down and play inside the disused huts.

The path which led to the railway line past the keeper’s hut was known as the ash path. She used to go down here, on her own, with a big pram load of rags and wool, crossing the railway line, which you could do in those days, to go to Tricketts. The money she received was her spending money.

Whoever lived at the keeper’s hut would have a fire going with the smoke swirling out of the chimney. There were some toilets opposite the keeper’s hut on the path going up into the woods which then led down to Colwick Road.

She wasn’t sure whereabouts in the woods the tramp lived but she recalls seeing him walking around in a trenchcoat and carrying a carrier bag.